package flint

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  1. flint
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Type Members

  1. case class Cluster(id: ClusterId, name: String, dockerImage: Rx[DockerImage], ttl: Option[FiniteDuration], idleTimeout: Option[FiniteDuration], master: Instance, workers: Rx[flint.Seq[Instance]], launchedAt: Instant)(implicit ctx: Owner) extends Product with Serializable
  2. type ClusterId = UUID
  3. implicit class CollectibleRx[T] extends AnyRef
  4. trait Collections extends AnyRef
  5. sealed trait ContainerState extends AnyRef
  6. case class DockerImage(repo: String, tag: String) extends Product with Serializable
  7. sealed trait Information extends AnyRef
  8. case class Instance(id: String, ipAddress: Rx[Option[InetAddress]], subnet: Rx[Option[Subnet]], placementGroup: Option[String], dockerImage: Rx[Option[DockerImage]], state: Rx[InstanceState], containerState: Rx[ContainerState], specs: InstanceSpecs, launchedAt: Instant, terminatedAt: Rx[Option[Instant]])(terminator: (Instance) ⇒ Future[Unit])(implicit ctx: Owner) extends Killable with Product with Serializable
  9. case class InstanceSpecs(instanceType: String, cores: Int, memory: Information, storage: InstanceStorageSpec, hourlyPrice: BigDecimal, isSpotEligible: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  10. sealed trait InstanceState extends AnyRef
  11. case class InstanceStorageSpec(devices: Int, storagePerDevice: Information) extends Product with Serializable
  12. trait Killable extends AnyRef
  13. sealed abstract final class SparkClusterRole extends Enum[SparkClusterRole]
  14. case class SpotPrice(instanceType: String, availabilityZone: String, price: BigDecimal, timestamp: Instant) extends Product with Serializable
  15. case class Subnet(id: String, availabilityZone: String) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. lazy val ioExecutionContext: ExecutionContextExecutorService

    An ExecutionContextExecutorService that wraps ioExecutorService

  2. lazy val ioExecutorService: ScheduledExecutorService

    The common Flint thread pool for IO operations

  3. lazy val updateExecutionContext: ExecutionContextExecutorService

    The single-threaded Flint update execution context.

    The single-threaded Flint update execution context. This simply wraps updateExecutorService. Perform any Flint model updates within this context. DO NOT BLOCK IN THIS CONTEXT!

  4. lazy val updateExecutorService: ScheduledExecutorService

    The single-threaded Flint update executor service.

    The single-threaded Flint update executor service. DO NOT BLOCK ON THIS EXECUTOR!

  5. def validateFlintConfig(config: Config): Unit
  6. object BuildInfo extends Product with Serializable

    This object was generated by sbt-buildinfo.

  7. object Cluster extends Serializable
  8. object ClusterId
  9. object ConcurrencyUtils
  10. object ContainerState
  11. object DockerImage extends Serializable
  12. object FlintCtx
  13. object Information
  14. object Instance extends Serializable
  15. object InstanceSpecs extends Serializable
  16. object InstanceState

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